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Immelmokit Cabins Ltd adheres to the following conditions concerning the ordering, booking and cancellation of services ordered.
These conditions are binding for both parties (Immelmokit Cabins Ltd and the customer = booker of services) once the customer had made an accommodation booking via Immelmokit Cabins Ltd. The individual making the booking must be an adult.


When making a booking we need to receive a written confirmation of taking the accommodation. If customer doesn’t confirm, booking is considered cancelled.

When making a booking, the customer receives an invoice with description of destination that includes directions to the accommodation booked as well as information on where to collect the accommodation keys. For that we will need customers address details and name to our booking system.

On high season times like Christmas and New Year we only sell one week stays, if guest want to stay shorter times full week price is still needed.

The deposit will be charged after you have made the booking. The advance deposit is 30% payment of the accommodation price. The final invoice is due for payment six (6) weeks prior to the commencement of the stay. If the booking is made less than eight (8) weeks before the commencement of the stay, the booking needs to be paid in full and accordingly to each single case, the full payment is due one to seven days from the time the booking was made.

Leaving the invoice unpaid is not regarded as being a valid cancellation.

There are 2 ways of payment:

By bank transfer: An invoice will be sent with our bank details

By a credit card: We accept Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard. The credit card details; the card number and the time card expires are needed to charge the payments. After successful charging the confirmation of the payment will be sent  by email.


Should you want to cancel your booking, you must ALWAYS do so in writing (email or letter) to Immelmokit Cabins Ltd.

The customer MUST always cancel the booking in writing. The cancellation will be regarded as being received at the time the information of the cancellation in question has reached Immelmokit Cabins Ltd. If the customer can verifiably show that the written cancellation has been made and sent to the correct address within the correct timeframe, the cancellation will be accepted.

When the customer has made a booking with more than 35 days before the commencement of the rental period

If the customer cancels the booking:

*with at least 35 days prior to commencement of the rental period: the paid amount will be returned deducted with the cancellation fee of 50 €

*with less than 35 days prior to commencement of the rental period: the total accommodation price will be charged.

When the customer has made a booking with 27-8 days before the commencement of the rental period:

The customer has the entitlement to cancel the booking within a day from making the booking (reimbursement of the payment with the exception of the cancellation charge of EUR 50)

If the customer cancels the booking more than a day after making the booking, the total accommodation price will be charged.

When the customer makes a booking within 7-1 days before the commencement of the rental period:

In case of cancellation the total accommodation price will be charged.

In case of sudden illness/injury/death of a close relative or your travel party that might lead to a cancellation, you need to make sure that your travel insurance will cover the costs of the booking. Even in such cases our booking conditions are as mentioned above. We recommend our guests to have a travel insurance in case of an emergency or unexpected incidents.

Should you want to change your booking after confirmation, we will have to consider it as a cancellation of your booking and the new arrangements will constitute an entirely new booking. You can only move your existing booking two times to the future, after that we don’t anymore accept day changes.


Immelmokit Cabins Ltd reserves the right to cancel the booking in case of force majeure or other reasons out of our control such as e.g. fire and/or water damages in the booked accommodation. In this case the customer is entitled to receive a full reimbursement of all payments made. Immelmokit Cabins Ltd reserves the right to cancel the booking in case the payments concerning the booking are not paid by the due date or in case of douple booking depending on the dates booking was made.





The customer must contact the maintainer of the property to inform arrival time and key collection no later than two (2) working days prior to the commencement of the rental period and before 4 p.m. (Finnish time). Please see the contact details on the bottom.

Immelmokit Cabins is entitled to charge the costs incurred for the replacement of any lost key (e.g. new lock arrangements and new keys).The maintainer of the property is entitled to charge a fee for the delivery of keys in accordance with their own price list that has not been earlier agreed.


The accommodation destination is at the disposal of the customer from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival.

On the departure day, checkout is at 11 a.m. unless otherwise agreed with the maintainer of the property.

The accommodation destination rates include bedclothes (pillows and blankets), basic dinner service, water and electricity, cleaning equipment and detergents. The regular inside temperature for the accommodation is 20 – 22 C.

The customer is obliged to read the Cabin Folder at the accommodation destination that includes further details important for staying at the accommodation in question. During the stay, the special characteristics of the accommodation destination must be taken into consideration, as well as the safety issues related to these.

The customer is expected to bring his/her own linen and towels with themselves unless not agreed otherwise when booking the holiday. The customer can reserve linen and towels (1 small towel and a large towel). It is not allowed to use sleeping bags on the beds. No smoking in apartments / cabins! In case of smoking in the accommodation, please notice that we will charge a cleaning fee of minimum 300 euro. In case the departure cleaning is not included into the holiday accommodation reservation, you are responsible for the tidiness of the apartment / cabin. We have the right to charge you a double fee for the extra cleaning if the accommodation is not in an acceptable state after your stay. In case of breakage you are advised to contact us for setting the damages. We cannot answer for goods left / forgotten to the apartment by the client.


The customer is obliged to compensate the property owner directly for any accidental or purposeful damages caused to the holiday apartment or its furnishings and fittings during the rental period. Any damages caused must be immediately informed to the maintainer of the property.


If the customer fails to stop causing disturbance or danger to others in the same or the neighbouring property, despite notice from the provider of the accommodation or its representative, the owner of the accommodation or its representative has the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect. All costs incurred from the abovementioned measures will be charged from the customer.


The maximum number of persons specified for the accommodation in the destination description must not be exceeded.


Should you have any cause to complaint about the booking or state of your holiday accommodation you must immediately inform the owner of the place / his representative or the cabin maintenance of the complaint for remedial action. Should a problem remain unsolved you should make your complaint in writing, for continued handling, to us within a week's time after your booking has ended. Should we not be able to settle things amicably, you are entitled to have the dispute arbitrated at the Finnish Consumer Complaint Board.

Immelmokit Cabins ltd is not responsible for possible harm or expenses caused by the forces of nature, insects, moles or unexpected weather changes.

We reserve the right for price changes.

VAT in valid regarding current legislation rules.