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Information and safety


SAUNA:  At the base of sauna heating unit you will find two controls, one for the temperature and one for the timer. Recommended timer numbers are in white area 1 – 4. Recommended thermostat is in the middle of MIN & MAX. A sauna takes approx. 30 minutes to heat up before it is ready to use. Once heated the unit can be doused in water to create the heat and steam. Please take caution and do not douse the unit in large amounts as this can make the sauna very uncomfortable. DO NOT EVER DRY YOUR CLOTHES IN SAUNA!

Please note that whilst the sauna is switched on the heating in the cabin will automatically switch off. The cooker hood must be switched on.


FIREPLACE: All cabins have fireplaces. You will find wood in the wood store located opposite cabin 13. When laying a fire, first open the damper/flue located on the chimney on the first floor. Place a small amount of paper or birch bark underneath the fire and have this stacked in an upright position towards the chimney pipe. Once the fire is underway add more firewood if necessary. It is preferred that you do not use firelighters etc and please ensure that the fire is out fully before you go out or before you go to bed. The cooker hood must be switched off when using fireplace.

Do not ever leave fire unsupervised and do not ever close damper!